Triangle AIDS Network Client Services


Psychological Counseling:

TAN offers psychological counseling for eligible clients and their families through a contract with a local psychologist or psychiatrist.

Case Management:

Each client is assigned to one of several case managers. TAN case managers assist their clients in many ways including, but not limited to, Pre-natal case management, accessing medical care and information, locating and obtaining financial assistance, information and referrals related to housing, employment, psychological services and other social services. If TAN does not provide a service that a client needs, the client will be referred to another agency that does provide that service. The primary goal of Case Management is to increase access to all needed services.

Medication Assistance:

TAN’s Early Intervention Virology Clinic provides over-the-counter medications to clients with the approval of their infectious disease specialists. TAN will also assist with prescription co-payment for eligible clients as long as funds are available; as well as arrange for transportation to pick up medications.

For the majority of clients, if HIV medications are needed, they can be provided by the Texas HIV Medication Program. A meeting with a TAN medical case manager, is conducted to determine eligibility and to help prepare the application. Medications are provided through local state approved pharmacies.

Other clients may need to work with their case manager and pharmaceutical company drug assistance programs. Also, Medicaid and Medicare may provide coverage for medications.

Insurance Assistance:

TAN is able to assist eligible clients, per Texas’s Department of State Health Services guidelines, with the payment of health insurance premiums and medical and medication co-pays. This program is designed to help clients to maintain their insurance for as long as possible.

Home Health Care:

TAN provides limited skilled nursing services, home health aides and homemaker services to eligible individuals through a contract with a local home health agency.

Dental Care:

Routine dental care is provided to eligible persons with HIV infection through a contract with a local dentist. TAN also assists clients with more complex dental needs with arrangements to be seen at the Bering Dental Clinic in Houston.


TAN is able to provide a limited amount of nutritional supplements, with medical recommendation, to clients who are having problems eating, experiencing wasting syndrome, or need these products for some other medical reason. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s essential for people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water are the nutrients needed to maintain body functions. A diet containing the right balance of these nutrients promotes health and well-being. A local nutritionist is provided for clients to make personal assessments and recommendations.


Referral services are provided to clients and the general public for services that TAN cannot provide. TAN refers to social service agencies in Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties as well as local hospitals and emergency rooms for medical treatment.