About the Triangle AIDS Network


History of the Organization

Triangle AIDS Network, Inc. (TAN) was founded in 1987 by concerned citizens in response to the growing health crisis of HIV. Without any resources other than their own private money, the newly born TAN began in a garage apartment with one donated desk and telephone to answer the many questions coming from distressed members of our community. — As predicted by the founders, individuals began to come forth to receive services and learn more about HIV and how it was infecting and affecting their community. By 1991, a staff of four was providing education and services from a two-room office on Calder Avenue. 

During the last decade the agency has grown substantially from its grassroots beginning to a highly sophisticated organization that provides a wide range of services. Today, there are over 20 staff members of diverse backgrounds and expertise. The staff along with a dedicated group of volunteers provide a wide range of health, social, psychological and educational services.

Our Mission Statement

To educate and serve the residents of Jefferson, Hardin and Orange counties in a way that:

  • Provides accurate information about HIV,
  • Supports those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through, educational, medical, social and psychological services, and
  • Prevents the spread of HIV, so that HIV is no longer a threat to our community.

TAN offers a variety of services and resources to its clients. In order to become a client, HIV positive individuals must first do an intake interview with a case manager.